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About Me

Originally from New York City, I went to Borough of Manhattan Community College for 3yrs I took up Computer Programming. It wasn't what I was interested in so I took up Multimedia Design. Before I could take a class for that major I moved to VA 3yrs later I moved to San Diego,Ca. I decided to come to the Art Institute of California for the Interactive Media & Web Design Program. So now that I've graduated I am looking forward to putting my skills to use. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media Design which was a major accomplishment for me. I am the first to graduate in my family from college.

I also had the opportunity to gain some experience working with Legend Films a colorization and restoration Film Company. At Legend Films I was an Assistant Web Developer. I also do some editing and syncing of audio and video for their second company In Addition to syncing audio commentary I have been given the opportunity to enhance my skills in editing by creating a couple of trailers. I hope to become one of the best in editing and will continue to enhance my skills in the industry's most unique effects.

I am a web designer that loves motion graphics and editing anything from audio to video trailers. I also have a passion for photography and a couple of years ago I entered in a contest with The International Library of Photography. As a result I had my photograph published in their book. That was a very overwhelming acknowledgment of my work. Me and my husband have also traveled alot since he is in the Marines. I will definitely continue to get inspiration from the places I visit and use that in my work.

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