Our Team

Here is more about our team that made it all happen.

Noemi Perez:President
Adan Perez: Engineer/Music Producer/ Piano Instructor
Leslie Perez:Office Manager/Music Arranger
Jotan Afanador:Drum Instructor/Promoter
Gilberto Velazquez:Video Production/Associate

Director: Noemi Perez (The youngest of the three) is always preparing to take the business to the next level ensuring that all lines of business are running efficiently. It was her willingness and ambitious attitude that changed Allertone Studios and with the help of her collegues, their dream became a reality. Noemi grew up in a very musical family and although she is not a musician nor singer, she took the risk in investing in Allertone Studios because of her overall love and respect for music.

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Office Manager/Music Arranger

What can I say about Leslie? She is what you call a multi-tasker. Not only does she keep things and people in check but she books the sessions, is an interior designer and believe-it-or-not, a musical arranger. Born into a musical family, Leslie sings and plays percussion. Adan, her brother would ask her for musical ideas when in doubt of one of his arrangements and surely she comes through.

Please contact Leslie Perez to book a session: Email [email protected]

You can also contact her for her interior design services at:
Jotan Site Click here to see Leslie Perez's Offical Website

Drum Instructor/Promoter

Jotan Afanador is by all means an international artist, not only because of the diversity of his musical background and expertise, but also due to his linguistic abilities. Being bilingual with English and Spanish and also being able to speak some Portuguese has helped him expand his career at the international level. He has toured extensively in Canada, Central and South America, the Netherlands, France, and England. The year 2009 marked a new beginning: ''the year of birth and the year of promise'' in Jotan Afanador's career. In late 2010, he will be producing his wife's first solo album and will be working on his new dvd.

Afanador's main goals are taking his drum playing all over the world and to inspire and touch the lives of many, both drummers and non-drummers alike. Jotan Afanador is currently endorsed by Vic Firth, Sabian, Canopus, Beato, Drumometer, Future Percussion Concepts and Drum Dial. You can learn more about Jotan on his web site.

Jotan SiteJotan Afanador.com