Our Clients

With only a year of existence, Allertone Studios has had many succesful artists & musicians stop by and record.

Konvict Music (Akon's label)Top Stop Music (Sergio George's label)
Luis Enrique, Miles Pena, Don Sonero
Jon "El Faraon", Lower East Salsa, Toby Rivera
Willy Torres, Luisito Carrion, George Lamond
Luis Damon, Renzo Padilla, La DeJaVu
Eddie Montalvo, Bobby Allende, Jimmy Delgado
...and many more....

Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique, Known these days for his hit song "Yo No Se Mañana", Luis has been around the scene for many years. He won two Latin Grammys and the Grammy for Best Tropical Latin Album in 2009. The bass tracks for 2 of his hit songs (Locos Los 2 & Dame De Tu Boca) from his latest album (Soy y Sere) were recorded here at Allertone Studios by master bassist, Ruben Rodriguez.

N'Klabe, Having hits such as "I Love Salsa" & "Amor De Una Noche", N'Klabe's latest production is being done at Allertone Studios. Be on the lookout for the re-make of Fania's Asalto Navideño album which also features Our Latin Thing. In the works.

Also, be on the lookout for albums coming soon from bands such as: Our Latin Thing & Lower East Salsa. [Recorded here at Allertone Studios]

George Lamond, Mainly known for his freestyle hits in the 90’s , “Look Into My Eyes” and “Without You”, "Bad of the Heart". Him and his partner Luis Damon pre-produced their new single "Nuyorican Express" at Allertone Studios.

Bobby Allende, He demands the best for his drums, congas, and bongos. Bobby has worked with and tour with many other Latin musicians such as Hector Lavoe, Jose Alberto "El Canario", RMM All Stars and Ruben Blades among an extensive list of many others. Later, he became the Musical Director for Willie Colon, Marc Anthony and Tito Nieves, Gilberto Santa Rosa, and La India. Recorded Timbales on Willie Torres Album at Allertone Studios.

Willie Torres, an 8 time Grammy Nominated and 3 time winning vocalist delivers his 2nd album! RECORDED AT ALLERTONE STUDIOS!

Kevin Ceballo, An accomplished Musician, songwriter and singer. He was awarded Best New Artist in 2000 with his solo debut "Mi Primer Amor". His music has been enjoyed all around the world and much more to come with his Music Production being recorded at Allertone Studios for his upcoming solo coming soon (2011).

Ruben Rodriguez, One of the best Latin Bass players. He's worked with Tito Rojas, Tito Puente, Luis Ramirez, Ray de la Paz, Willie Colon, Dave Valentin, Charlie and Eddie Palmieri, Hilton Ruiz, Johnny Pacheco, Jose Fajardo, The Fania All Stars, and the late great Machito to name just a few. In the mainstream jazz field there's people like Grover Washington Jr. and Roberta Flack. Recorded bass at Allertone Studios for Luis Enrique's latest album (2011) & for many of today's hit songs.


Don Sonero, A gifted lead singer taking salsa to the next level. He has performed with top artists such as Oscar De Leon, Eddie Palmieri, Victor Manuelle, and many many more. Gilberto has also worked with Paul Simon at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Gilberto Velazquez's upcoming debut album, "Mala" which was recorded at Allertone Studios is scheduled to be released October 1st, 2011.

Trust me, He needs to be heard!

Miles Pena

Miles was a part of the superb cast signed under RMM Records in the early 90's. He had many hit songs, such as "Corazon Partido", "Me Pasa Igual a Mi", and "Solito, Solo". Recently, Miles had his percussion done at Allertone Studios by Ito Arguinzoni & Daniel Antonetti.

Juan Jerez better known as Jon "El Faraon" is an urban Merengue singer from Washington Heights. He is currently working with Producer, Adan Perez and recording his first album here at Allertone Studios. Wait 'til you hear this!!!